Charlie Crocker MRICS

Charlie graduated with a Masters degree in Real Estate Management and went on to join the graduate scheme at Jones 

Lang LaSalle in London. After becoming a Chartered Surveyor and with JLL, Charlie specialised in Residential Valuations

becoming an RICS Registered Valuer, with the Prime Central London team.


In 2012, after 5 years with JLL, Charlie moved to Rio De Janeiro where he created a residential fund acquiring a small

property. This continues to be managed on a profitable short term rental basis. Charlie expanded his interest in the sector 

by working with an established luxury villa rental company. At the end of 2014 Charlie formed Van West Property which 

provides Investment Consultancy, Property Management and Brokerage Services.

David Kurtz-Reyes

David, an American, arrived in Rio 4 years ago with a love for football, probably because of a Californian  upbringing which

also helped him settle into Rio De Janeiro's city/beach lifestyle. As a history graduate (UCLA) he appreciated the richness 

of Brazil's past and the development of Portuguese colonial culture. He has been able  to bring to Van West Property his

extensive experience as a Real Estate Appraiser - LA trained; and with his languages - English, Spanish and Portuguese,

he is considered an asset in the ongoing expansion of Van West Property.